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Premera(H.K) International Limited is a freight, warehousing, and customs clearance service company. After years of development, our business has spread throughout all Europe. We are still determined to expand even more to make our customers cross any borders within the continent, and we are pleased when the customer expands and gets faster and quality service of all time.

As a freight forwarding company, we provide transportation by both sea containers and train containers, customs clearance, declaration, inspection, and release; and we guarantee the safe and timely delivery of our customer's products to the designated location.

Our Premera

For our customers, we accept all kinds of cargo, mainly for garment,shoes and E-commerce  goods delivery and offer door-to-door delivery service from China to Europe for our customers. Our services cover all countries in Europe, including Poland, Italy, Greece, France, Bulgaria,Spain etc. Moreover, we also run numerous warehouses in mainland China; they are located in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing etc., which allows us to receive goods from all regions in China and safly deliver to whole Europe.

Please contact us anytime for further information, let us know what you need!

How to find our PREMERA Company

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Chao Wai Street. Chaowai Men B 1704. Beijing China

北京朝阳区朝外大街朝外MEN写字楼B座 1704



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